Ip Video Surveillance Solutions – Network Brianiacs

Benefits of enabling an IP network based video surveillance

Our cost effective IP network-based video surveillance solutions are the most flexible for your organization. We use streaming media servers for one or many campus locations to monitor your organization’s assets, environments, and employees. and surrounding cities

The enterprise branch campuses are connected by WAN technologies including Ethernet, VPN and the Internet. The branch office can view and administer the video surveillance system using an Internet browser. The Operations Manager has access to web-based browser dashboard to configure, manage, display and control video throughout his IP network.

Some of the major benefits to your organization are:

  • Software updates and maintenance all done remotely during non business hours
  • Daily, monthly, and yearly reporting
  • Anytime anywhere on-demand access to your network via mobile apps
  • Asset protection
  • network-wide-management
  • on-demand availability
  • scaleable to include new locations for a growing organization
  • interoperability enables integration with multiple vendors

Our IP video surveillance solutions leverage your company’s existing network and Internet technology to transmit video images from IP cameras over the Web. Based on your requirements, we can configure either an archive or loop based storage option. Loop based storage reuse disk space versus archives are viewed at a later date for investigation or evaluation.

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