Cybersecurity Services for New Jersey Businesses

Best-in-class defenses to protect crucial company data, as well as your business’s reputation

Cybersecurity is a real threat. Yet, most small- to medium-sized businesses are oblivious of the dangers. Because of this, they don’t have the right cybersecurity mindset and likely have poor network defenses in place, making them the perfect target.

Network Brainiacs will make your IT infrastructure unbreachable by implementing a multilayered defense system. We start by evaluating your business’s overall level of security, identifying and addressing security gaps, and finding areas for improvement. And to ensure your maximum protection, we keep ourselves abreast of the latest threats to combat whoever intends to steal your company data.

Features of our cybersecurity solutions include:

  • Content filtering software – prevent your employees from accessing suspicious websites
  • Powerful firewalls – stop unauthorized users from breaching your network
  • Comprehensive network evaluation – to detect and resolve security gaps
  • Advanced anti-malware programs – reveals and removes risky files and attachments before they disrupt your operations

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