Softphones over desk phones

Softphones over desk phones

Desk phones that sit in the office are quickly becoming obsolete as many employees work off-site. Instead of traditional telephony systems, forward-thinking businesses are using softphones for most, if not all, of their communications. If your company hasn’t already done so, here are five compelling reasons why you need to start using softphones.

Anytime, anywhere business phone

Softphones are essentially a type of application that you can run on internet-enabled devices like a smartphone or laptop. This removes the need for a physical handset, allowing you to make and receive calls with internet connection. Even if your workers are homebound, softphones give them a lot of flexibility. Don’t waste time setting up lines for a traditional phone, simply turn your smartphone into a business communication tool. Employees also get to enjoy hands-free calls, provided their device has a decent headset or microphone.

Reduced costs

The best aspect of softphones is that they significantly cut costs. For one, you pay a small subscription fee to get softphone features on your device and computer. All the expenses associated with server expenses and system maintenance are taken care of by the softphone provider. More importantly, softphones transmit communication data over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. This means you won’t have to deal with expensive local and long-distance rates. In fact, some softphone providers offer a reduced rate for international calls.

User-friendly interface

Softphones come with an interactive user interface that’s easy to learn. To transfer a call to a colleague, just drag and drop the call to their name. If you need to call someone, search for their profile and click on their name. Want to tell everyone that you’re too busy? Softphones let you enable do not disturb mode for specific time frames. The incoming calls are either sent straight to voicemail or forwarded to the next available person. What’s more, softphones provide incoming call notifications with caller ID and profile information.

High-quality video conferencing

If you need something more engaging than a simple phone call, softphones allow you to host multiparty video conferences. These make it easy to conduct team and company-wide meetings even if people are miles apart from each other. Participants can see important visual cues, so conversations with clients and colleagues are clearer. The best softphone services even let you share your screen so you can better coordinate with your remote workers.

Tight integration with enterprise software

Another benefit of softphones is that they can complement your existing systems. When softphones are integrated with your CRM, for instance, you’ll be able to see previous call logs and relevant client information. This is useful for customer service and sales staff who need clear information to better serve.

All in all, softphones are perfect for any business that wants to operate at peak performance. They’re intuitive, feature-rich, and cost-effective. If your business doesn’t have this essential communication tool, get an upgrade today. Call us now to enhance your communication systems!

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