Low Voltage Cabling – Network Brianiacs

We provide full service Network Cabling installation and support.

    • Network and customer equipment installation, including the testing of circuits
    • Install new fiber optics from the MDF to the IDF multi mode Single mode 6,12,24,48 strings
    • Terminate in LC,SC,ST Connectors, then test and label them
    • fiber and cooper tested
    • VOIP Phone , POS
    • Troubleshooting networking issues
    • Installing support structures such as ladder racks, j-hooks, wall cabinets & wall racks
    • 2 pole rack,4 pole rack, 3’ ,4’ wall rack
    • Racking equipment, Switch, Servers, cable managed CDP-1
    • install AP.
    • Pulling cat-3 ,cat5, cat5-e, cat-6 ,cat6- Coax
    • 66 block 110 block 25 pair 50 pair 100 pair building MDF,IDF
    • Cable dressing
    • Custom made patch cables and clean up MDF, IDF