AI-powered VoIP

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly common across numerous industries. It is reshaping the way organizations conduct business. AI-powered proactive and predictive automation processes can significantly increase precision, accuracy, and efficiency. How so? Read on to find out.

Contact center operations

Highly automated VoIP technology enables businesses to manage their call centers easily and reduce the need for human intervention.

For example, AI-integrated VoIP systems can determine a caller’s personality, mood, and queries. The calls are sent to the best agent to handle them. In conclusion, this makes call center operations more seamless and cost-efficient.

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems

An IVR system automatically responds to customer queries, which is extremely helpful for high call volumes.

AI works in the background as AI assistants gather all relevant customer data to resolve a query. For more nuanced queries, the AI “worker” sends this information to the business representative, who will better serve the customer.

AI-powered conferencing capabilities

Web conferencing has improved over the years with internet speeds and telecom technology constantly developing. AI advances it even further with real-time language translation and speech recognition technology. Above all, it greatly benefits businesses with multiple geographic locations and whose stakeholders come from diverse backgrounds.

AI-enabled web conferencing can even provide intelligent prompts and relevant data to guide your conversations and ensure a fruitful meeting.

Chatbot functions

Chatbots are useful programs that receive instructions via textual or auditory means to perform automated tasks.

For instance, IVR systems businesses use bots to automate customer interactions. AI-powered chatbots set up meetings, invite attendees, manage schedules, and more.

With AI-powered systems promising improvements in contact center operations, customers’ IVR experiences, web conferencing, and scheduling, businesses are understandably eager to adopt them. However, here’s so much more that VoIP systems can do for your business. In fact, we’ve got the expertise to handle all your VoIP-related concerns. Just call us today.

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