Automotive – Network Brianiacs


Our Mission

Network Brainiacs was created with a single mission: to transform the IT experience for the Small to Midsized Business (SMB) by eliminating all worries about network management so you can focus on running your business.

Our services included a flat rate Managed Services option that provides best of breed services and technologies that will save you money and make your organization more efficient. We provide a full range of products, solutions and technologies that are individually tailored to each client’s needs, requirements and budget. You’ll get the technology you need to remain competitive at a price you can afford.

Applications We Support

  • ADP
  • Automate
  • DominionDMX
  • EleroOne
  • GlobalConnect
  • Mitchell
  • Reynolds
  • VinSolutions

Improving Customer Service Experience

  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Providing On-site Customer Service
  • Dealership Technology

Use Technology to Sell More Cars

  • Eliminate Downtime – Don’t Keep Them Waiting
  • See More Customers in a Day
  • Internet Sales

Complete Professional Services for Dealership

    • Networking
    • VoIP and Unified Communications
    • Backup and Business Continuity

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide technology solutions and functionality to business owners who previously believed the technology was out of reach for their small business. We know the issues you face as a small business and we are committed to removing the challenges you experience when dealing with your IT service providers.