Fast, stable networks to give your customers a smooth, hassle-free transaction

In the automotive industry, customer retention and worry-free technology go hand in hand. Auto dealers who wish to increase their sales, improve customer satisfaction, boost overall productivity, and maintain business success can turn to Network Brainiacs advanced solutions.

Our expert technicians will integrate your manufacturers requirements with your Dealer Management System, maintain your network systems to ensure that your daily communication needs are met, and arrange comprehensive employee training to help your team take proper advantage of your IT investments.


Improve your dealership’s customer transactions with these solutions:

Increase Speed and Efficiency

A database management system enables your team to swiftly maintain and process client information.

Seamlessly Manage Inventory

Identify whether new stock is needed, as well as monitor the tools your team is using.

Better Communication

Leverage VoIP phones, live chats, and other tools to improve communication between employees, suppliers, and clients.

Improved Customer Experience

CRM systems capture each customer’s dealership transaction so you can efficiently respond when issues arise.

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