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Biometric Verification

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for ways to steal information, so beef up your data protection. One such way is with biometric authentication on mobile devices.
biometric verification: Authenticate your profile on your mobile device
Chrome OS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android are all adding features to help users safely log in using biometric identification.

Best Practices for Collecting Customer Data

Customer data offers an insight into information such as customer demographics, behavior, and preferences, enabling businesses to create quality products and positive experiences that will cater to their client base. But it’s not enough for a business to collect customer data — it must collect data that is useful and relevant.

Signs you have an Unsecure Enterprise Security

As cyberthreats become more sophisticated, many businesses need to prioritize cybersecurity more than ever. But are you sure that your security measures are keeping your enterprise IT assets safe and not unsecure? Here are five signs that they may not be effective.

Things to look for when buying a Wi-Fi router

A strong network enables your business to surf the web and access cloud productivity apps. Behind these networks are Wi-Fi routers that keep your devices connected to the internet. While there are many more components involved in setting up a strong network, your choice of router can make a huge difference.

VoIP Theft of Service: What you need to know

Theft of service is the most common type of fraud that impacts Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. Let’s take a closer look at how it affects VoIP networks and how your organization can prevent or minimize the risk of this type of fraud.

How Robust Dashboards can Help your Business

A dashboard is a business intelligence tool that displays metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) for organizations. Essentially, dashboards provide you with an overall view of how your business is performing. Here are some uses of dashboards in real-life business situations.

Don’t be a victim of juice jacking

Smartphones have become an indispensable tool for most of us. We use them for a wide range of activities, from gaming to checking social media to accessing work apps. Because of heavy use, our smartphones may sometimes run out of battery. When that happens and you’re out in public with no access to your charger, using public charging kiosks to bring your phone back to life can seem like a good idea — but it’s not.

Data storage: HDD and SSD defined

When purchasing new computers, buyers used to have limited choices when it came to what kind of storage they got with their laptops or desktop PCs. But nowadays you can configure your system with either traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), increasingly common solid-state drives (SSDs), or in some cases both.

VoIP Systems: Engaging On-Hold Messages

When an operator asks a client to put them on hold, what they’re saying is “Can you wait a short time not talking to anybody?” This lull used to be insufferable, but now you can improve customers’ on-hold experience with VoIP systems.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) makes waiting on the line bearable or even downright enjoyable via the sharing of fun anecdotes and info, playing on-brand music, and the conveyance of engaging messages.

Web browser: Is it Safe Enough?

Web browsers are gateways to the internet, which is why you should care about how they transmit and store sensitive information. In an era where too much security is never enough, you need your browser to also have built-in cybersecurity features. But which web browser is the safest? Read on.