Cybersecurity: FBI Outlines Scams

Cybersecurity: FBI Outlines Scams

The FBI recommends the best way to avoid scams is to verify all requests for personal information or money transfer, either directly or over the phone. However, cybersecurity awareness training can be a big help in protecting your business from email compromise or any type of data breach. Our IT services and cybersecurity training can help you and your team gain the knowledge necessary to protect yourselves against attacks.

Our advice is to schedule cybersecurity awareness training for all your people, from receptionists right up to the CEO. For instance, can even try attack simulations to help educate your team on how this kind of attack really occurs. After all, knowledge is power. If you want help with this, get in touch!

Here at Network Brainiacs, we provide technical support for Employee Awareness Training to inform team members about the importance of cyber security awareness. In addition, our IT Support & IT Services are here to assist you with any needs, questions, or concerns. Please feel free to call us at 973-607-3743 to learn more.

The FBI has outlined FIVE main types of scams that affect businesses:

BOGUS INVOICE SCHEME - criminals pretend to be a supplier requesting funds to a fraudulent account

CEO FRAUD - scammers pose as the CEO and send an email to the finance department requesting a money transfer

ACCOUNT COMPROMISE - your email account is hacked and used to request invoice payments to suppliers

ATTORNEY IMPERSONATION - cybercriminals pretend to be the attorney and request funds or sensitive information

DATA THEFT - HR or bookkeeping is targeted to obtain sensitive information to use in future attacks

In conclusion, opening risky emails, responding to risky emails, and clicking bad links is truly a recipe for disaster. Cybercriminals pose as coworkers, vendors, suppliers, and attorneys to receive the information they need to attack. It is essential to know the difference between legitimate people and cybercriminals. You can count on us to get you and your team on board with the cybersecurity awareness training and the knowledge necessary.