5G networks improving VoIP

5G networks improving VoIP

Much more of VoIP’s potential would be tapped by businesses, thanks to the enhancements that 5G networks will bring about.

Mobile VoIP

VoIP calls rely heavily on sufficient download and upload speeds. For example, with 12Mbps download speeds, they experience unstable and poor call connectivity and clarity. These limitations could lead to packet loss, which happens when data traveling across a network fail to reach their destination. Packet loss reduces audio/video quality and could even cause calls to drop.

5G’s greater speed prevents packet loss, but the tech has another feature that makes it better than 4G. 4G providers set an amount of bandwidth for every direction, but with 5G, the bandwidth can adjust on the fly.

This means that 5G network providers can allocate bandwidth to mitigate congestion as soon as it manifests itself. In practical terms, businesses could reach their customers even in packed places that normally max out 46 network capacity.

5G Networks Improved video conferencing

The major factor holding web and video conferencing back are how fast current networks can transmit data. Fortunately, innovations like Web Real-Time-Communications (WebRTC) and 5G networks will enhance VoIP for businesses. Providing open and stable streaming will allow businesses to accommodate higher-quality, even 4K and 8K resolution, videos.

Beyond improved streaming quality, 5G networks will also be able to support video calls with an increased number of participants. This means that businesses can serve more customers and conduct larger video meetings, which are timely.

5G networks Virtual and augmented reality

With 5G networks, virtual and augmented reality will become more common for SMBs. 5G will blow past 4G’s Gbps limit, which in fact, currently holds back the adoption of VR and AR applications.

VR and AR need to process more data because of the visuals they must process as users move. This puts an enormous strain on mobile networks. 5G will ensure a better user experience.

When your business decides to adopt the up-and-coming 5G network, you can expect to see significant VoIP improvements. Ensure the success of your SMB with increased network speeds, better call quality, and conversations with consistent connectivity. If you’re looking to set up a VoIP system for your business, call or email us today!

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